Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gizem meets traveling

  Hey guys. We're back again blogging with a new company. Finally Culu's girlfriend and my favorite mate Gizem a.k.a "Gizmo" arrived to Thailand to join our tour for a month. From now on she will be with us for a month. This is her first time abroad. We congratulate her by the decision to come here with her new bicycle. She is brave enough to cycle with as mush as she can but this month won't be only a bike trip in Thailand also a first time traveling adventure for her. Her presence is very important for us since we missed her too much and hopefully she will enjoy the world of traveling as much as we do.
  Anyway, we went to pick her up at the Suvarnabumi airport in Bangkok and directly started to pedal to the city. We stayed two days in Bangkok in Bluefin Guesthouse of course and showed her around a bit. Her bicycle was damaged on the flight so we needed to fix it in a bike shop in Waruchak road where you can find all sorts of spare parts and mechanic shops about bikes and cars. We were thinking to go to Chiang Mai directly but we heard that air pollution in there was on high levels because of the smoke which the peasant burning the rice paddies before the rainy season. We decided to delay our arrival to Chiang Mai and instead we stop by Sukhothai the ancient capital of Thai empire and stayed there 2 days. Well let's get started to our first week with our lovely friend Gizmo guys.

   That look clearly reflects the concerns of a first time traveler.

  We were ready to go on the road as you can see on that photo. Here's Gizmo's full loaded bike. It is quite a light one compared to the one we have.

  Oh, i felt great by feeling a female energy close to me finally. I missed her a lot and it is too comfortable to travel on her lap.

 On the road to Sukhothai. We were wearing masks to prevent the damage to our lungs by the smoke in the air.

  At the ancient site of Sukhothai which was the first capital of Thai empire we had a touristic day with Gizmo and i believe she liked it so much this beautiful place. Not just being in the ancient ruins and temples but its gardens and surroundings as well. It's located 14 km away from the town itself and we had just one hour ride to reach there. The day after we left Sukhothai and went back to Phitsanulok to take a train to Chiang Mai.
  We didn't want to ride back the same road and thought to take a bus first. While we were ready to take a bus at 8 o'clock at the bus terminal of Sukhothai. Culu dealed with some cab drivers to carry us and our bikes at the back of their pic-up vans. Luckily one of the guys accepted our offer of 800 bahts to the town Phitsanulok. We spent the whole day waiting the train which is taking of at seven pm in the evening. And there our great adventure of Chiang Mai started finally.
  I think it will be quite hard for Culu and i to keep up the pace of writing the blog since Gizmo is here cuz we have a lot to do all together and will not be able to post blogs that often. We will try our best this month to keep you guys updated about what we are doing. So, have a great time wherever you are until the next one guys. See you soon.

  Lovely Gizmo is wondering about the road we are about to have with all her concerns and hopes at the back of the pick-up.

   Finally Gizmo's bike is having its first traces of the travel. It's always good to see aging of a bike though. Now her bike also started to look like a traveler one.

  Here's where we were waiting the train and just spending time in Phitsanulok town.

Gizem is finally started to have fun after getting her early morning coffee and some fruit shakes.

   We have witnessed building of a giant temple at Phitsanulok.

Now she's talking guys. Gizmo's getting in the mood of traveling at the end.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


  We did a week in zen with Pui and his family in their floating raft house in Kanchanaburi. It suddenly became our favorite destination on the journey. Kanchanaburi was basically about history of world war II, colorful temples, all sorts of caves and chilling in a place in zen covered by animals and plants with again people with a pure soul.

 Bridge on the river Kwai

 Hellfire pass where 200.000 people died on the construction of the railway which connects Thailand in to Burma in the world war II. The war was coming to an end when the whole trail finished.

  Kanchanaburi, i liiiike! If you are anytime around go check Nita Rafthouse just along the river and meet Pui and his family. You won't regret it.

  Gizmo is coming in a few hours. Culu and i will pick her up from the airport and come back to bluefin before going on all four of us to pedal around.

kanchanaburi from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.