Tuesday, June 16, 2015

lek & yai

  Hey guys it's Lemmy reporting from our Istanbul headquarters. I am proudly announcing that we saved the kittens with Culu's help and patience. They are healthy and fine now. They are growing so fast and they are very playful little fellas. We name them Lek and Yai which means small and big in Thai language. We are still in the influence of the journey we just did as you might guess. Culu is feeding them with a syringe every two hours and they are insanely hungry. Well we really like them but we cannot keep them for a long time. Cats are centripetal animals and we are two mobile guys who love to move around. So it would be very difficult for us to take them with us everytime we travel. We are kindly reminding you guys that they still need a house and partners for lifelong. Don't forget that i raise them by my own paws. Don't just miss to have such a friend raised by a cool dog like me. They still need couple of weeks more to be able to eat proper food so for instance we are taking care of them but if any of you want to host them let us know or simply mail Culu or call him. Have a happy and healthy day.

lek&yai from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Yavru Kediler Zor Durumda-Kittens are in trouble

 Gençler sanırım durumu anladınız. Bu yavruları annesi terketmiş sokakta bi otoparkçı bana teslim etti. Çulu ve ben durumu idare etmeye çalışıoruz ancak yardımınız gerekli. Acil yuva bulalım herkese yayalım. Yardım edebilecekler Çuluyu arasın hemen.
  Guys i think you got the point. We found these kittens at the street and they are in a very bad state at the moment. We need to find a host for them. Me and Culu are taking care of them for now but we need help and they need intensive care urgently. Please call Culu if you are as concerned as us.

kediler from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Juice Baba

  Hey there. Since Culu's not in town it is my duty to inform you about our life back in Istanbul. It's been almost a month in Turkey and we are little by little keeping up the pace of posting stuff again.
  Last week we spent our time at the black sea coast of Istanbul called Kilyos. There was the opening party of Suma Beach and we went there to help our friend Juice Baba to install his new juice bar. Juice Baba is Culu's friend from the military service when he did it in 2006. This guy has a fruit juice and shake stall in Suma Beach. Suma Beach is a crazy beach club at the north shore of Istanbul where you can spend a day on the beach with cool music, food and drinks. It also has a cool party zone at the backside of the beach in the woods. They have weekly parties going on which hosts both international and local dj's. Well our mission there was to paint an old volkswagen westfalia and turned it to a fruit juice bar. Culu finished the painting job in a day but then we realize there's a lot more to do to make it look like a little bar. Anyway here's what he did there. For me it was just another cool beach and camping break with some new friends.

  Juice Baba logo at the back of the van

Juice Baba enjoys his new van with Oscar and Me

 it looks just great with the plants

  It was a bit chilly outside but i reserved my place from vip. Anyway folks, Suma Beach is open. If you ever pass by Kilyos, drop by here and taste the wonderful fusion juices of Juice Baba. And if you are craving for some wild parties until the early lights of the day, this is your place in Istanbul. See you on the next one.

juicebaba from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


  Welcome back dear journeystas. It's been a while that we didn't post anything since we arrive back home. I decided to start writing without waiting Culu to come back to Istanbul. You might not know but friggin Culu left me yesterday at home and went to this city called Mardin at the south east edge of Turkey. Mardin is a border town right next to Syria where all these crazy inhumanistic suffering is taking place at the moment. You might also ask why is he there then. I tell you why: He went to visit the 3. Mardin Biennial. I still can't believe he just left me here at home. I bet he has some good reasons. Anyway the city has its authentic own ancient culture and history of thousands of years. It was one of the cradles of humanity back in the time. And unbelievably it still conserves it's cultural heritage and beauty. Old Mardin still has it's unique architectural examples but at the same time the new city's trying to develop and catch the modern urban life in huge speed. Here's a glimpse of Mardin fresh from Culu's footage he sended me today. Enjoy it.

 Syria is at the far end of the horizon somewhere

 The old city is surrounded by these tunnels and little passages. It is almost like a maze waiting for you little rats to explore its stone canals.

It seems like a medieval european town in many ways.

I can't believe that Culu actually found the old roller-coaster of the town.

  Well, that was Culu's short Mardin trip in order to visit the biennial. I'm not sure if he enjoyed the exhibition generally but i'm sure he enjoyed the city itself. It is worth a visit to Mardin if you guys passing by south eastern Turkey to feel thousands of years of syriac, arabic, kurdish and mesopotamian heritage and to lose yourself in history. I guess it was quite a strange experience for Culu without me over there. Anyway guys it was nice to be with you again after a long break. We will catch up the pace again soon with all the missing episodes. Until then, have a great time.

mardin from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.