Wednesday, August 5, 2015


  Hey guys. I just wanted to post some missing episodes from our trip. Here's the one when we were at the town called Pai in northern Thailand. We couldn't able to share much when Gizmo was with us. So these are the ones when Gizmo was with us.
  Pai is a little hippie town couple of hours north of Chiang Mai. We went there by a cab we rented to  loose time in our last two weeks of the trip together with Gizmo. The road from Chiang Mai to there is very hilly and you should cross the mountains to reach this beautiful town located in the middle of these mountains. Luckily we met with some cool friends we met on the road and enjoyed our time with them by making music at the bars and having bike rides both with scooter and bicycle around the town. It has lot to offer if you are a nature lover. Lot's of waterfalls and hill towns around worth visiting.

    We stayed at a place called Pai Circus School which was located on the hills of the town right across the river. Not the cheapest place but with a cool ambience. If you are interested in juggling and circus activities or want to learn it it is the place where you can chill and practise with the instructors.

 Day with our great friends Chalita and Sam

  The last place we stayed in Pai was this little hut with the cutest veranda. After having few riding days and a reggae festival we all have rested here and moved back to Chiang Mai to catch Songkran Festival. Culu and Gizmo had some long talking sessions with beer and smoke in this cute place before leaving the town.

  Well, all i can say it was a great holiday in Pai with Gizmo and all our great friends Lwicell, Luke, Chalita, Sam, Ella, Liron and the Swedish crew. We will never forget it.
  Here's two bike ride we have done around the hills of Pai with Gizmo. Enjoy the ride!