Friday, August 29, 2014

New Features Added

Yeshheeee,  it's Lemmy here. I have been working on adding these sections on our website. From now on you can also check about culu's, (my man's) other websites. You can click on the buttons on the right and visit culu's official website, check out his videos in vimeo or take a look at his drawings on flickr. By clicking the magic "dirty cheap creative" button you can visit culu's mates company in istanbul and check their works. You can also donate us if you wish by clicking the "donate" button and support our journey. These bites were only love bites guys. You all know that :) 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Slackline Day

 Hi there, this is Lemmy here. Today im going to talk about the day we went doing "slackline" in a park called Maçka in Istanbul. There was a lot of dog dudes around a lot of toys, kids, and lovely people. 

  It was a day before this dude called Serdar a good friend of çulu invites us to the slackline gathering in Maçka. These guys are meeting most of the weekends in that park to practise and give workshops for free just for fun. Sometimes i don't get humans. Anyway what they were doing was quite interesting and challenging. They have this rope streched in between two trees and you walk on that. Quite simple! At the time this photo was taken i wasn't quite at the mood and i'd just ated. That's why çulu is giving me a hand. If not i can make backflips and shit like that with no problem at all.

  But i'm more into juggling. I don't know why but these balls and clubs flipping in the air always attracts me.

  Çulu is also kinda interested in juggling. So i have no option than liking it, cuz you know dogs usually likes what their leaders likes. I know these guys from a festival we are going every year with çulu. It's happening  the last week of september in a place called sundance camp ( ) close to Antalya - Kemer in Turkey. It's a beautiful bay surrounded by the forest including an antique hellenistic city in it. Every year jugglers from all around are gathering there the share a week all together and practise perform and have a great time:                                          

In Istanbul they also get together to practise enjoy a sunny day most of the weekends. They have a workshop in Galatasaray called Kabile in european side.

Another workshop space at the asian side is "Mekan 314"

They are the most tallented jugglers i have ever sniffed.

   Anyway after juggling a while çulu went on the rope with his silly looking facial gestures and embarrassed himself and me so i tried to keep my distance as much as i can from çulu.

Then we met Alaz. He is a close friend of çulu whenever they get together they make music or drink and chat. This time wasn't an exception. I want you to take a look of çulu again in that picture.

Then Elif, Cihaz and their beautiful baby Betty Gül came.  



  Well that's how we spent this sunday in Maçka Park with jugglers from all around. If you want to try it they will be there most of the sundays. Learning how to walk on slackline might bring you more than you expect. Here's some slackline for your pleasure:

have a great day 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ticket Bought

Today Lemmy bought his ticket to Bangkok with pride. He also has requested a culu in cabin so that i can travel with him in the cabin. Now we are waiting for the confirmation from the turkish airlines. Thanx for not putting me in cargo hold dude.
So the journey beggins on the 4th of november. We will be updating the news the following days on.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lemmy Süleymanoğlu bir müsabaka öncesi düşünürken.

Nat Su Kao!

  Nat Su Kao means white champion in thai language. But for me that's Lemmy. Lemmy's journey is a documentation of a voyage on bike and a dog to south east asia. From November on we will be on the road and will be posting writings, photos, videos from this blog.
  Starting from Sri Lanka we will be hopefully on the road for at least a year. For this road trip i have my bike with back panniers and on the front my dog Lemmy's travel basket. According to Lemmy we are going to see most of the south east asian countries until we reach the phillipines. We'll pedal as far as we can.
  We are planing to do most of the trip on bike ofcourse Lemmy will be running some of it. But during the trip we might be travelling by plane, train and boat too. We will be performing, filming, painting during the trip. Under Lemmy's leadership and wisdom we will be visiting local events and will be making videos. We hope you enjoy it. 

Lemmy yolculuk için sabırsızlanırken.

Lemmy's journey begins.

  Yiakşamlaaa. Bildiğiniz gibi sevgili dostum Lemmy bu sene üç yaşına basıyor. Dostum Lemmy bu sene doğum gününü Sri Lanka sırtlarında kutlamayı tercih ettiğini bizlere aktardı. Bizde onu kırmayalım ona güzel bi doğum günü hediyesi verelim dedik. Sonuçta geçirdiğimiz son iki buçuk yılda zamanımızın çoğunu beraber geçirdik, türlü türlü maceralara atıldık, otostopla yollara koyulduk, ormanlarda kamp yaptık, beraber konserlere çıkıp müzik yaptık. Civarda binilmedik taşıt girilmedik delik brakmadık. Biraz da başka yerlere gidelim oralarda delirelim istedik Lemmy ye dedik "beyaz şampiyon biz herşeyi ayarladık.Kasım başı yola çıkıyoruz" Lemmy bu işe çok sevindi. "çulu" dedi "geçin şöyle karşıma sizlerle konuşucaklarım var" dedi ve ekledi.
  "Şunun şurasında 12 yıl bi ömrüm kaldı. Ölmeden önce işemek istediğim ağaçlar, koklamak istediğim sokaklar, tadına bakmak istediğim çöpler var. Madem oralara kadar gidiyoruz. Gitmişken uzun kalalım hatta bisikletle yola çıkalım bütün güneydoğu asya yı bisikletle dolaşalım." dedi. Bize de mantıklı geldi.
  "Beyaz Şampiyon sen rotayı çiz gitmek istediğin yerleri bizle paylaş. Evrak işlerini vizeleri filan biz hallederiz." dedik.
  Dediğimizi de yaptık. Lemmy nin tüm belgelerini hazırladık. Kendi belgelerimizi, bisikletleri, çantalarımızı ve tüm gerekebilecek alet edevatımızı toparladık kasım başında yola çıkıyoruz. Lemmy ye bu yolculuğunda çulu ve alpacook olarak tüm desteğimizi vereceğimizi and içtik. Onun keyifli ve konforlu bir seyahat geçirmesi için tüm varlığımızla çırpınıp bu dileğini yerine getirmemiz işten bile değildir. Artık Lemmy ve bizi bu blogdan takip ederi.