Friday, August 8, 2014

Nat Su Kao!

  Nat Su Kao means white champion in thai language. But for me that's Lemmy. Lemmy's journey is a documentation of a voyage on bike and a dog to south east asia. From November on we will be on the road and will be posting writings, photos, videos from this blog.
  Starting from Sri Lanka we will be hopefully on the road for at least a year. For this road trip i have my bike with back panniers and on the front my dog Lemmy's travel basket. According to Lemmy we are going to see most of the south east asian countries until we reach the phillipines. We'll pedal as far as we can.
  We are planing to do most of the trip on bike ofcourse Lemmy will be running some of it. But during the trip we might be travelling by plane, train and boat too. We will be performing, filming, painting during the trip. Under Lemmy's leadership and wisdom we will be visiting local events and will be making videos. We hope you enjoy it. 

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