Tuesday, June 16, 2015

lek & yai

  Hey guys it's Lemmy reporting from our Istanbul headquarters. I am proudly announcing that we saved the kittens with Culu's help and patience. They are healthy and fine now. They are growing so fast and they are very playful little fellas. We name them Lek and Yai which means small and big in Thai language. We are still in the influence of the journey we just did as you might guess. Culu is feeding them with a syringe every two hours and they are insanely hungry. Well we really like them but we cannot keep them for a long time. Cats are centripetal animals and we are two mobile guys who love to move around. So it would be very difficult for us to take them with us everytime we travel. We are kindly reminding you guys that they still need a house and partners for lifelong. Don't forget that i raise them by my own paws. Don't just miss to have such a friend raised by a cool dog like me. They still need couple of weeks more to be able to eat proper food so for instance we are taking care of them but if any of you want to host them let us know or simply mail Culu or call him. Have a happy and healthy day.

lek&yai from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

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