Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Quick Transition

  Hello again. We left Thailand after a two days trip from Koh Chang. It takes two days cuz we didn't push ourselves too much this time and take a stop by the closest town to the border called Khlong Yai. Actually the border town is Hat Lek but the weather was changing quite fast and when the rain starts we stay in Khlong Yai for the night. In the morning all we have to do is pedal for an hour to reach the border and one more hour to the first city called Koh Kong which is where we are right now.

 These kids were just great. Every time we get tired and had a break Culu just chat a while with them and fill his soul with their smiles. It is his new fuel for the road.

 Here's the source of Culu's last paintings: Mangroves

 I enjoyed my birthday beer at Paddy's place.

 Koh Kong is a little fishermen town on the south-west coast of Cambodia. It is also a gateway for whom are seeking wildlife adventures cuz it is located just in the middle of three biggest wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. But at the coasts of the river it seems like an abandoned fishing village to me.

first days in cambodia from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

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