Friday, December 26, 2014

We Are Kindly Awaiting Donations For The New Years Monks

  Hey guys! This is only an announcement post for our new years celebrations. We are leaving Otres to Koh Rong island to spend the new years evening and meet a good friend Talu. We are organizing a wonderful new years party for the monks over there so what we are asking from you dear Lemmy's Journey followers is to make a donation to our account and help the vibe accelerate :) The monks will appreciate your donations with much pleasure. Maybe 1 or 2 dollars is nothing for you but that means a lot over here. So we are kindly awaiting your donations for our "Traditional New Years Celebrations For Monks" event. We are wishing you all a wonderful year with a good mental and physical health and with a lot of success for whatever you want to achieve. Have a happy new years It's time to make the monks happy !

Here's our international banking account (IBAN) : TR 1200 1230 0722 1022 6602 7000

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