Friday, April 17, 2015


  Hey guys. Long time no see huh? Well, past month was the most beautiful holiday of ours with Gizmo's presence. As you know, she was here with us only a month so we didn't want to spend time in front of the computer, uploading posts and editing videos. Instead, we enjoy our time with Gizmo as much as we can  and had a break for a while. But here we are back again. Today we will talk about this amazing festival called "Songkran"
  Songkran is the beginning of a new year for Thai people. And they celebrate it on 13 th of april every year. It's believed to be a week of cleaning from sins and bad attitudes by pouring water to each other and wash them all. The whole city turns into a game zone and almost everyone got involved. You humans are all crazy dude. It was one of the most entertaining event i've ever been so far. They start celebrating it from 11th until the 15th almost everywhere in the kingdom but what we have heard that Chiang Mai was the best place to be while it's happening. So we decided to go back to Chiang Mai to feel the great atmosphere and spend the last days of Gizmo in Thailand. We have seen so many of places, met so many people and had amazing time together and now she is back in Istanbul. We are hoping that she will catch us back at some point again. Thanx for the great time Gizmo. We love you!

Gizmo on the battlefield with her supershooter water gun

You can find these water tanks filled with ice cubes all around the streets of Chiang Mai where you can reload your gun with freezing water.

Gizmo's eating her daily fried vegetables while we were having a break to get dry a bit before our last session.

  And here's our video of Songkran below. If you guys have any chance to be in Thailand during april we hardly recommend you to join the festivities. It was just a perfect month of holiday with Gizmo in Thailand and soon we are heading back to Cambodia again. Culu is starting his new art projects in Phnom Penh and we will be settling up there for a few months until Culu gets ready again for a new adventure. We will upload the amazing Chiang Mai and Pai episodes soon. Until then, bye bye.

songkran from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

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  1. cleaning the souls and washing the sins away with water-machine-guns! you bet it's a cool tradition :D
    by the way, the Barcelonians do that too at Festes de Gracia's, end of august if i'm not wrong... see you there next time? hugs from 2 un(t)ravelers!