Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Day We Climb To Wat Phratat in Doi Suthep

 We haven't been uploading any post lately since Gizmo left Thailand. Here is the day we climb 17 km together with Gizmo and Culu to the steep hills of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai where the Wat Phratat Temple is located. There was a emerald buddha inside the temple which is quite famous and thousands of people come here to pray or just visit it everyday. We climb up there about 5 hours which usually is around 1 and a half in Culu's pace. We were proud of her by accomplish it by her strong will. It wasn't an easy task for any bike rider. She was in pain from the beginning and stopping every 20 meters to rest but she never wanted to quit. Culu was trying to motivate her during the climb even with some white lies like "no more climb after this turn Gizmo, we're almost there" She was crying when we were coming close to the top. When we arrived to the sumit there were hundreds of stairs waiting for us to get in the temple and we only had 15 minutes left before the temple shuts its doors to the visitors for the day. We quickly check it out and went back down. Of course the best part was the downhill for all of us. It was getting dark and we need to be back down in half an hour for security reasons cuz Culu got no front light and it was raining as well. Anyways, it was one of the craziest thing we did with Gizmo while she was with us. Enjoy the ride!

 Crossing this beautiful forest i believe, helps them forget the toughness of the hills.

the giant gong

the neverending stairs of the temple

uphill and sumit from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

downhill from wat phratat from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

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