Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Juice Baba

  Hey there. Since Culu's not in town it is my duty to inform you about our life back in Istanbul. It's been almost a month in Turkey and we are little by little keeping up the pace of posting stuff again.
  Last week we spent our time at the black sea coast of Istanbul called Kilyos. There was the opening party of Suma Beach and we went there to help our friend Juice Baba to install his new juice bar. Juice Baba is Culu's friend from the military service when he did it in 2006. This guy has a fruit juice and shake stall in Suma Beach. Suma Beach is a crazy beach club at the north shore of Istanbul where you can spend a day on the beach with cool music, food and drinks. It also has a cool party zone at the backside of the beach in the woods. They have weekly parties going on which hosts both international and local dj's. Well our mission there was to paint an old volkswagen westfalia and turned it to a fruit juice bar. Culu finished the painting job in a day but then we realize there's a lot more to do to make it look like a little bar. Anyway here's what he did there. For me it was just another cool beach and camping break with some new friends.

  Juice Baba logo at the back of the van

Juice Baba enjoys his new van with Oscar and Me

 it looks just great with the plants

  It was a bit chilly outside but i reserved my place from vip. Anyway folks, Suma Beach is open. If you ever pass by Kilyos, drop by here and taste the wonderful fusion juices of Juice Baba. And if you are craving for some wild parties until the early lights of the day, this is your place in Istanbul. See you on the next one.

juicebaba from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.


  1. Congrats SuperCulu the traveler, and Lemmy for the great articles (-:D
    The other day I met mr. Tollie Tolga, in Ankara (I'm married to her cousin), we talked about you guys and about the future. I asked him to hook me up for spraycan art festivals in Istanbul or Turkey in general, and I ask the same thing to you too. I'd love to keep coming to Istanbul to paint, if you remember I had asked you to let me do a demo at your art school in Ankara in 2000.
    I never stopped painting since 1992.
    Let me know bro and have fun.
    AndOREAH San


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