Monday, October 20, 2014

Lemmy's Route For The Next Four Months

  Yiakshamlaaa! This evening i took Culu to my fellow man Eren's studio close by the gallery where Culu is having his solo exhibition. Ever since i got inside the place i have this feeling of writing to the blog and researching about Thailand. It's a great place to focus on the travel we are about to start. Then i told him:
  - Dude! We only have 14 days left to our journey and we still didn't post any hints about the voyage. What is it in your mind?
Culu says:
  - Okay bro. Let me draw you a simple map of our next 4 months real quick.
  He didn't postpone my request and quickly draw a rough plan of our most probable route.
He says:
  - This route is not a certain one. The reason i am drawing it is to put some goals in front of us to achieve and make us move to some specific place where we need to be in four months.
Lemmy: Where are you planning to be in four months mate?
Culu: Dude we need to be in Laos border before our visas expire.
  Then he told me about our visa conditions a bit. When we arrive Bangkok on the 5th of November. We will directly get a monthly visa but we need to extend it to 3 months in order to travel in Thailand without a deadline.
He says:
  - It will allow us enough time to see crazy inland, most sacred old cities and the hill tribes close by the Myanmar boarder. If we can get the visas from Chiang Mai (north-east of Thailand) We can get in to Laos where we can travel only a month before we get in to Thailand again for another 3 months.
  Sounds like a hell of a plan to me. Now i get him more why he was spending that much time on his computer to plan every inch of the trip. The paper work is too important in one of those trips guys. Cuz for some countries we would need to get the visas before we arrive to the boarders. At least it is a must for me since i am a dog. But Culu already got collected all the paper work and vaccinations for me. We don't think we will have too much difficulties. Anyway, here is what Culu draw this evening. We will see how much we can stick to the plan. By the way our route mostly will be drawn by our actions. Which means we won't go the place we are going from the quickest way. We are welcoming all the coincidences, luck, action and the good spirits into our journey.

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