Friday, October 17, 2014

Paintings Are On The Walls

  It's been a while that i wasn't writing because we were busy with setting up Culu's exhibition. His letest works are now on the walls of that gallery called 311 Artworks in İstanbul. The works can be seen until the 26th of october. The opening was entertaining though. Quite a lot of people showed up and we hang out until late at night. 

  I only invited my mate Lupus. Lupus is a good friend of ours. Here you see Enis and Lupus waiting for the gallery to open. He helped us a lot while we were installing the works. It's good to know that you have someone trustful around when you need. He seems like he enjoyed the night as much as i did.

Culu seems happy by Lupus's company

   Many artist friends of Culu attended the opening like Genco Gülan. He is especially an important character for Culu's art career cuz he is the one who first introduced Istanbul art scene to him. If you want more information about Genco, go check his website:

Nazlı Tarcan was taking the photos during the show. She the cute blonde one on the left.

 Meric Kara was one of the attendants. She was enjoying the only video work of Culu in this exhibition.


This painting confuse our mate Taylan von Aygar big time. He'd be never the same after looking at this painting.

 Another painter in the exhibition. Mr.Yusa Yalcintas. He will be huge soon i believe.

  Gunes Terkol was sucking the last drops of the legendary punch. She is a great artist too also a member of Ha Za Vu Zu, an artists collective which Culu also took part in some of their performances last year.

  Well guys another solo show of Culu is happening in town now and it seems like this is our last mission in Istanbul before we take of to Thailand. In two weeks we will be starting our biggest adventure with Culu and we will be feeding this blog with many different topics and subjects. We are now ending a chapter here and start to another one. Thanx for all your support since now and see you on the next post.

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