Monday, October 27, 2014

Brooks Fun Ride

  Hello again. Today i'd like to talk about what we did last sunday. Gizmo, Culu and i woke up very early and rode on our bikes to cath a ferry to Kadikoy. The reason why we went there is to join other bikers for the "Brooks Fan Ride".
  Brooks is the company who are producing the best saddles in the world. I will never need one but i think Culu and Gizmo like to have them one day. 

  People were already gathering in front of the ferry station at 9.30 and signing up there names to win a Brooks saddle at the end of the ride.

  More than 80 bikers attended to the "Brooks Fan Ride". The event's organized by Turkey first ever touring bike shop called "Bisiklet Gezgini". Culu get almost all his equipment for our South-East Asia tour from this shop situated at the anatolian side of Istanbul. The shop often organize touring events and weekly speeches. Four great person are running passionately the shop and giving assistance. They are the only shop in Turkey where you can find Ortlieb pannier bags for long term touring. For more information please check: 

   We attract immediately the attention of all these people and some dogs hanging around. One of them even joined us during the ride.

  We were ready after all for a two hours ride at the Asian shore side.

It's a nice feeling to have such a huge crew to ride with. At least cars respects you more.

  It's Gizmo's first ride with such a huge crowd and her new bike. She was the one who enjoys the most i suppose. The best of all is now Culu, me and herself can ride all together. During the ride i didn't leave her alone with my barking whenever we come close. 
  At the end of the tour people met up at the shop for the lottery and some snacks. The British company Brooks was giving surprise gifts to the attendants after the warm welcoming brunch.

  I was working hard to find some scraps on the ground but luckily Culu gave my lunch before i starve to death.

  Everybody including Gizmo and Culu was so excited to hear the results of the lottery but not me.

We didn't get the grand prize Brooks saddles this time but still having fun.

  After the ceremony, winners get their prizes and we get in the shop to collect the last equipments we might need on our journey to South-East Asia starting next week. The shop is just like a heaven for tour bikers or even campers. They have a wide range of best quality products for cycling. And the people are the warmest and helpful people we met so far. That was our sunday. If you want to check how was the ride just click on the video below. See you soon.

Brooks Fun Ride from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

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