Saturday, February 21, 2015

My First Train Ride Ever

  Yo yo yo! Somehow we forgot to upload this episode. I never been in a train before and when we arrived to Thailand after resting two days in our room in Aranyaphratet we took the train to go to Bangkok. It was a five hours ride from the border town to the capital. At first i got confused by the ear scratching sounds of that enormous machine but then i checked if Culu is also in panic like me. He seems okay and i thought this was normal then. Anyway it was a relaxing trip this time without any efforts. We just slept and chilled at the train and i kinda like it at the end.

 We were glad to find that cheap room for 200 bahts in Aranyaphratet which gives us plenty of time to rest for two days. After all these dusty road we've made in Cambodia we were quite exhausted.

                            That swimsuit was fitting Culu at the beginning of our journey.

   We waited at the station for three hours and chat with our Chinese 76 year old friend. He still can remember a bit of english and told us his story while waiting. I just got up on our bike and listened him for three hours.

   Trains in Thailand are quite cheap guys. Usually it is 48 bahts per person from where we took the train to Bangkok. But since i am a dog Culu payed 90 bahts for me and 90 for our bike. The rest was too easy. Me and Culu had our seats as well as our bike has it's place right in front of us.

   It is cool to sit and watch beautiful Thailand from the window. It also allows us to realize what we are into and gives us time to plan for the next days.

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