Friday, February 20, 2015

Our home in Bangkok: Bluefin Guesthouse

  Hey guys. We are back again. We were waiting our good old friend Umut to arrive and join the journey here at the Bluefin Guesthouse which we spent our first week of the trip. It was just so great the week we spent with the people here and we came back to say hi and chill for a while. Oh we love this place. It is in a very cool district where the food choice is unlimited and local price, not tourist price. And it is close to the city center, to Khao San Road and the museums and so on. So if you guys come to Bangkok ever. We are totally recommending this place and it's people. So i am cutting the talk now and leave you alone with the journey.

  Here you see Culu's excitement of meeting Gizmo online. They have these skype sessions quite a few times a week. And it is the only way for him to feel close to his love for now. But soon Gizmo is also joining us and we will pedal together for a while.

 Lovely Gizmo is at the other side of the planet.

 That day our great friend Mbano took Culu and Nora for a city tour and they ride to sky train first time.

  Well, we had a great week in Bangkok again with all our friends. And after Umut's arrival we left Bluefin and hit the road again. We are heading south and now close to Hua Hin. The ride is going great we will be posting our first days with him on a short while. Bye bye for now and enjoy our video.

song for the cockroach from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

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