Friday, May 15, 2015

The Return

  That was it folks! We finished our travel finally and came back home this morning safely. Well there's a lot to bark about guys. First of all i am glad that we came home in one piece both of us. I am grateful that we accomplish our mission of south east asia without having any technical and health issues. It was my first trip abroad and i loved it man! I believe Culu's quite satisfied of the journey as well. We have seen so many different landscapes, been in the most interesting places, and met so many cool people in these past 7 months. It was the greatest adventure in my life so far. Thank you all for supporting us all the time with your cool vibes from far. We enjoyed every second of it. Creating this blog, collecting footage for it and sharing them, was keeping us connected with you in a way. So therefore thanx again for being there with us. We will never forget these beautiful lands and its people. I enjoyed so much peeing on every corner of it. But the most amazing part of the trip for me was to meet all these incredible dogs on the road. Some big, some small, some smart some not, some with hair some without but wherever you go on this planet, dogs are dogs everywhere. Sometimes we don't even speak the same language and don't understand each other but we were all the same. Trying to survive in peace and in search of the joy of life. Some were close some not but they were all amazing souls on their own path. Stay in the flow guys!
  Also a very special thanx for our coolest friends Gizmo, Ali Yorgo and Dirty Cheap Creative for their huge support to this trip. It would never come true without them.

theend from uluc ali kilic on Vimeo.

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  1. How does it feel to piss on your own street corner again? ;) sad to hear your journey has come to an end, but glad in the knowledge that I get to see you again soon! Pce n luv