Thursday, September 11, 2014

Field Work and Some Boat Trip

We start working on the field today. Our mission is to hide the cables in the ground. I help the boys to dig the soil and install the electricity cables. The weather was too humid and hot. While digging the ground i play with these cockroach looking flying grasshopers. The wildlife around here is vibrant. We went for a little field search with Culu behind these trees and found a chicken. I don't know why but i have a inevitable desire about chasing animal with wings. He was a tough runner though. As far as i know if you apply olive oil on a rooster's butthole he can't crow anymore. If you know what i mean:)    

The installation process needs to be made very carefuly. One should put the cables 10 to 15 cm in the soil and then cover it with dry earth. I made all the handwork with my bare mouth.

In this photo you can see how hard we are working.

In the afternoon Culu and his friends took a boat trip to chill. This is Taylan Von Aygar. A good friend of Culu. Luckily he was having a holliday in Sundance. So we hangout couple of days with him. He looks like a rockstar but actually he is a cellist. We will hopefully be seeing him in Thailand in the next episodes.

Our captain Murat Pazar. He really is a rockstar. Playing guitar with "Teoman" a famous turkish rock singer and songwriter. He kinda lives here about half a year and go sailing everyday also taking people to boat trips around these coasts. Another real sundance dude. 

After having 10 minutes of boat ride we jump in the water with a beautiful view of the mountains at the back. I enjoy swimming and catching the waves but can't resist being wet. Thanx to Culu who's helping me drying out after a swimming session.

Tahtalı Mountain

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