Thursday, September 25, 2014

J-Fest is in Full Swing

  The Juggling Festival finally got started on the 22th of September. After having two weeks of work we finally are free to enjoy a full week of craziness and entertainement. The place is already got packed by the jugglers coming all around the world. Like every year there are mindblowing colorful toys all around i can't even decide what to pick. Anyway, let me tell you guys about the vibe around a little bit.

  We woke up like everyday, having a morning dive in the water with Culu then went to the last meeting with all the volunteers at the bar. I told my mates the things we need to take care of during the festival and distribute them their jobs and went to the registration desk.

   As you can see the volunteers were carefully listening my speech. After finishing the paperwork i left the meeting for my registration.

  I was a little bit late because i hurt my nail and Culu made me a bandage. At first i thought he was making me another one but not, the second one was just the festival ticket.

  Stupid Culu binding my ticket. It was to tight bro.

  Culu was finishing my registration process. I was registered right before my dear friend Enis. He is one of the founders of the festival and also bigtime developer of juggling concept in Turkey. He is the one who first got introduce juggling to Culu as well long before i was born. Well, i am cutting the crap and leave you alone with J-Fest.


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