Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last Visits In Bangkok

  We didn't want to leave Bangkok without seeing at least a monument. So we went to see the lying Buddha in the temple called "Wat Pho". In one of the huge buildings of the temple there's the biggest Buddha you can see in Thailand measuring 46 m long and 15 m high. Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in the city.

  It illustrates the period when Buddha passes to his final Nirvana.

The walls of the temple was elaborately decorated with patterns and paintings.

But the outside court was as beautiful as the inside.

  Here is the present day Bangkok.

  After saying bye to the wonderful crew of our guesthouse in Si Yan we pack our stuff and cross the other side of the river to meet our new host for the next few days before leaving the city. We are using this cycling friendly website called It works like couchsurfing but available only for cyclists. So if you are touring by bike it is a good option for lodging, food and meeting people. Our first host was Dr.Supaporn and she invites us to the Supawan School she is running.

   We arrive there in the morning by our fully loaded bike and i start to check around to get to know the place. After meeting with Dr. Supaporn she showed us our room and invited us for lunch. The room we were staying was an antique thai house about 70,80 years old made out of teak wood. It was a beautiful place to rest.

  When we arrived to the house our new friend Brandon was about to leave but then he decided to stay one more night. We went for a walk to see the neighbourhood together and end up at the Wat Arun also known as the temple of dawn.

 I'm constantly making new friends.

 Chillin' at Wat Arun

  So that was it in Bangkok. It was a cool brake for us in Supawan School with kids and especially with Dr.Supaporn. Her hospitality was just perfect. Well next stop is "Ayutthaya" the ancient capital of Thais. See you guys soon.

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